Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Enchanter and New Video

This is Jon Yusoff's Enchanter Heart which is well named I think.  I did struggle with closing my dimpled ring though so it is a bit lop-sided and deserves to be re-tatted.  I think this is a pretty heart with a lovely shape.  It is tatted in Jess's Taffilicious HDT.

Enchanter Heart
Second Attempt

Still not completely symmetrical
but much better, if only in the ease of execution

Whilst working on the second version, I found a solution to tatting a dimpled ring.  My problem was that after doing the join on the dimple, it was practically impossible for the core thread to slide so that I could add to my ring which was getting too tight to complete the second half of the dimpled heart.  The solution is to tat it like a SCMR. When you get to the tip (where the dimple is), pull a loop of core thread, like for a SCMR, and then carry on with the stitches for the second half of the heart.  Having the loop lets you feed thread into your ring more easily and also enables you to pull the first half tight before pulling the second half.  Like a SCMR but of course, don't put your shuttle through the loop which will completely disappear when you pull on your core thread at the end.  Clear as mud?  Video required?

Talking of which, I have just added a new video to my Youtube channel.  Not on how to make a dimpled ring but on how to make a point on a chain.  Whilst working on a possible new heart pattern, I was using the one-stitch SCMR for a nice pointy chain (this technique is also used and described in my Snow Crystals pattern) and thought it would be a good idea to make a video of this technique.

(what a mouthful!)

So I shall call it the 1SSCMR

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  1. pretty clear. I do it the same. thank you for your videos.

  2. Very pretty hearts!!! :) Love the colors in the top one!!! :)

  3. Wow! Interesting technique. Very clever, Frivole!

  4. Very clever, indeed! Dimpled rings were the bane of my existence when I was working the T.A.T. program. It was only after they nearly drove me right over the edge that I found (on somebody's blog) the tip that if you did not make the second half of a ds after the dimple join, but cut straight to a regular first half, then second half - the thread would slide more easily on closing. It does seem to work, but I never took the time to work out why.

    Your SCMR solution is far superior, in that it gives complete control over the first half of the ring (which tends to get 'sqwunched'). Thanks for sharing. I might even go back to tatting dimpled rings...

    1. Thanks Suzanne! Glad you like it. For me it was the second half of the dimple that was getting completely "sqwunched" (like that word!), as you put it, because I was having to pull so hard on the core thread to try to get the first half to close that the second half was bearing the brunt of it! Frustrating. But with the "false" SCMR, no trouble at all.

  5. My goodness. Thank you for posting this video. It has lead me to all your others as well. You are magic, mystical and smarter than the average bear! There is so much good information there. And the alternate way of covering a ring looks grand.

  6. Thanks for the video and the explanation how to work the dimpled heart! Very helpful.

  7. I've only tatted one piece with dimpled rings, and I found it very annoying. I shall try again, using your technique. Maybe I'll learn to like dimpled rings! Thanks for sharing your video!

  8. The enchanter is beautiful! I love your video on tatting the point. It's brilliant. Thanks for the idea.

  9. I tat dimpled rings the same way too. It is so much easier this way.
    Thank you for all your videos tutorials. I was wondering if there is one for loop tatted ring on a ring.


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