Monday, 21 October 2013

Renulek's Medallions... and Crab Apples!

I saw a motif I liked on Pinterest.  Following the links took me to Renulek's website where I found a series of these made with the same centre.  Nice designs!  One of them particularly appealed to me and I set to making it.  But I counted from the wrong image and ended with 5 instead of the 7 picots I needed to complete the third round.  So I made the other motif first and then the one I really wanted to make second.

They are both really pretty,
but this second one is the one I liked best

I like everything about this one!

I also took photos before I pressed them as I thought they looked appealing with their edges slightly curled up... they reminded me of water lilies floating peacefully on a pond...

And finally, a bit more on autumn's gifts.  Look at those gorgeous red gems!  So beautiful.  Mother-in-law brought me a bag of crab apples a couple of days ago... would I make some jelly please?

Of course!

This was my first time making this beautiful jelly and I was amazed at how red those crab apples were.  They made a gorgeous colourful jelly.  I lit the jars from behind a bit so you could see the colour.  It only made five jars...  I wish there was more now because it is not only beautiful, but delicious!

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  1. Those are beautiful snowflakes! I will have to give them a try thanks for posting!

  2. Those are pretty snowflakes, but oh the apple jelly. Gorgeous and yes I am sure it tasted very good.

  3. I love your labels! - I've never seen crab apples here, but perhaps they grow in the colder parts of the country.

  4. Thanks for sharing the motifs. They are on the to-do list. Maybe I will complete the mysterious disaster one of these days and can tat them. : 0

  5. Those motifs are gorgeous!

    We have a crab apple tree, but we've never had any good fruit from it. I would love to have some crab apple jelly. It brings back memories of my Grandma Jones. We used to pick crab apples for her, and she always made wonderful jelly for us. Thanks for sparking a memory!

  6. Thanks for the link, I'm going to follow it up and put the motifs on my to-do list. Wonderful colour, your jelly!

  7. Lovely motifs I really like the patterns thank you for sharing the links for the pattern, they do indeed look like water lilies.
    Never made crab apple jelly looks very delicious, hope you enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  8. Agree, the second one is the lovelier for me too.
    Your jelly looks amazing!

  9. Gorgeous jelly- just gorgeous!

    And there's no end to Renulek's talents, is there? Your renditions are stunning- I especially like the second one.

  10. Your jelly is a thing a beauty, so clear and beautiful in color. I think you must set out to do everything well and beautifully! I love also the motifs from Renulek...your's are beautifully done and the patterns so lovely!!!

  11. Very pretty medallions! The colour of the jelly is so sumptuous.

  12. Delightful snowflakes, tatted beautifully! I love Renulek's designs.

    I wouldn't have the vaguest idea how to make jelly, but it certainly looks beautiful and I'm sure is delicious. I agree with Julie that you strive for and achieve perfection in everything you do!


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