Friday, 18 October 2013

First Snowflake...

Not in the sky yet!  But I wanted a snowflake to include in a letter to a friend so this is the first one of the year for me.

It's from the book "Festive Tatting" by DMC.  

It has a nice shape and is tatted in one round.

How about you, are you getting into Christmas tatting already?  I must admit I usually don't like to think of the "C" word until November really so this is a bit early for me!  But then of course, it means I run out of time.  Oh well...

Best wishes,


  1. That is a fabulous snowflake!! :)

  2. Just gorgeous!! I have been thinking about starting snowflakes but, have not started quite yet!

  3. Very pretty. I am so ready for the holidays to begin.

  4. Pretty! I must start work for a Christmas market, snowflakes, earrings etc. Today.

  5. Gorgeous snowflake, the pattern reminded me of your crown pattern on the ends.
    I have already been doing snowflakes and angels for a couple of months and have had my first order for Christmas which I am tatting now, I had thought about doing the same again this year a different snowflake every day to the run up to Christmas, which Alison , Diana and I did last year.
    I hope she loves your snowflake.

  6. Very pretty! I've been thinking of getting back to my snowflakes, but I'm still stuck in doily mode. Soon, I think... soon.

  7. This is beautiful, l love to see things from patterns, I am always surprised because I don't really notice them till they are posted and seem to look better than the ones in book!

  8. Very nice snowflake! Was your mother-in-law happy with her scarf?

    1. Yes Tally, thank you for asking! She did like it. I think she is planning to use it mostly for concerts so I don't think she has "worn" it yet though.

  9. I love this snowflake-it's very pretty. Good on you getting started early this year-- I have too many projects to finish before I can even think about that C word!

  10. Éine sehr schöne Schneeflocke. Ich liebe dieses Muster.
    Auch ich fange langsam an, für Weihnachten zu knüpfen


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