Friday, 7 September 2012


Here is my new pattern.  It's a butterfly I worked on while I was away.  It is available for purchase here.  Many thanks to Suzanne and Leah who test-tatted it for me.

I wanted a fuller wing for my butterfly (hence the rings within the rings) and also wanted a more realistic body so it sticks out a bit at the bottom (like a real butterfly's does).  Another criteria of course was that it should be tatted in one go and lastly, no ends to hide!

Motif 24 of the 25-motif challenge
(hard to write with those exclamation marks, apostrophe and dash!)
Did I get it right?
size 40

This is an earlier version using a rolled, partly-closed ring for the body.
But I just liked the photo on the gorgeous red flower.

A small sample of all the butterflies
I tatted whilst tweaking and testing this pattern.
Maybe I should put them in a frame,
like a real butterfly collection!

I tried it with all sorts of threads,
including with very fine sewing thread,
which makes a tiny butterfly
perfect to use on stationery.

Best wishes,


  1. These are beautiful! I'm on my way to purchase the pattern. And I think your idea of framing them as a collection is wonderful; I can picture these in a black-velvet-lined shadow box...

  2. Love it...had to go purchase it and found another shuttle that was just too pretty as well so now I will have 2...looking forward to both!

  3. Es hermoso!!! Admiro tu creatividad!!

  4. Oh...and wanted to say that I think a specimen box complete with tags listing the species of thread would be terrific fun!

  5. Es hermoso!!! Admiro tu creatividad!!

  6. That is a lovely one!
    Fox : )

  7. That is a lovely butterfly, I can see that in many different colours.

  8. Muito lindas as suas borboletas(Very pretty your butterflies)!

  9. Beautiful! I ordered the pattern!


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