Sunday, 15 April 2012

I'm Back! - Last of Easter...

I know Easter has come and gone now... but as I was away for it, I still want to show you the eggs I made to decorate our Easter table.

Motif 23
(I'm counting all eggs as ONE... this challenge is going by too fast!)

I just used some vintage edgings and winged it...  Counted the motifs that fitted around the wide part of the egg and made some "ends" matching the number of repeats and then joined them with criss-cross threads.  I was quite pleased with how they turned out.  Might try to find some white eggs for next year.  Funnily enough they can be difficult to find here in the UK.

Once the eggs were done I was wondering what the next project should be...  I'd taken some of my new books away with me to enjoy perusing at my leisure and fancied the look of this doily from the book "Tatting from Burda" (Lacis Publications).

Here is a progress photo:

Motif 24 of 25-motif challenge
Tatted in Lizbeth 20, "Mocha Light"
I've done a few more rounds since I took this photo
so will have more to show you soon.

Now I've been very naughty and sneaked off to do this blog post when I should be unpacking and getting organised for the start of the week tomorrow!  Many emails to answer and matters to be dealt with but that will be for the morning.

Best wishes,


  1. The eggs look beautiful! I think maybe the better for the brown eggs / contrast. The doily is a stunner too.

  2. Your blog entries are always so inspiring! I love the eggs and the doily. I hope your vacation was relaxing!

  3. love the eggs.
    and the doily.... I see butterflies around the edge. very pretty, will be interested in how it all turns out.

    1. Yes, you're right Ladytats, and there will be more butterflies further on in the doily.

  4. Hi there!!! I really hope you enjoyed your vacation, it's always nice to get away. Your eggs are so pretty. How do you take the covers off before the eggs go bad? The doily is gorgeous (but honestly, everything you make is). I agree with Diane, your blog is always so inspiring! I LOVE reading it!!

    1. Hi Carol,
      We "blew" the eggs before I covered them, so they are empty and will not go bad. So I will just keep them as they are and bring them back out next year!... of course, perhaps with some new additions...

  5. Beautiful how you did them! The doily is also lovely!

  6. Beautiful eggs, the blue one is my favorite because of the flowers. And.. I love your lacy tablecloth looks soo great :))

  7. I hope you had a lovely Easter , gorgeous eggs and lovely pattern.

    I like your dolly, I don't have this book but I do have the magazines which the patterns came from, does it say on the pattern what date it was published in the magazine.

    I look forward to seeing the doily when you have finished it.

  8. Tout cela est magnifique...J'adore les oeufs ils sont très beaux quant au napperon il est vraiment plein de finesse...

  9. Your Easter Eggs are so pretty! And your doily is just stunning!! :)


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