Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Butterfly Doily Progress

Here are the few more rows I have done on the doily.  The long chains needed steaming into place and only really behaved after I tatted the rows of small rings.  I like the rows of small rings but am not completely happy with the two previous rows; due to the shape of the butterflies, the chains look unevenly spaced...

Still, I've got this far, I'll soldier on.

And now I'm going to have a teeny-weeny rant if you'll allow...  I've just been awarded a third "thumbs down" on one of my tatting videos (no, actually two on one and one on another).  And I can't help it:  it bugs me!  Why is it that people give you a thumbs down on videos (I mean I can see it on some videos but tatting ones?)  I wish people had to tell you WHY they dislike your videos when they click on that thumbs down box, so easy to do.  It seems to me there can be nothing offensive or unpleasant enough about my tatting videos that people would wish to mark them down?  Is there?   I know I should not worry about it but it does bug me a little...  What can I say, I'm a sensitive soul...

End of rant.

Happy Tatting!


Best wishes,


  1. pretty Doily I can't wait to see the whole thing. it is going to be gorgeous. you may not notice the uneven spacing of the chains when the doily is finished.

    thumbs down on a tatting video? that is rude not to say why.

  2. I think your doily is beautiful. I find that as people go, they are usually their own worst critic. I love your butterfly row, the whole thing is just nice to sit and look at, you see so many different things in it if you take the time to look.
    As far as your videos go, it's probably just ignorance on the part of the people who did it. I find that many people who put bad reviews on something do so becuase they didn't understand what they were supposed to do with it, becuase they were in a bad mood or becuase they're just being mean. I LOVE watching tatting videos, I find that to see something done that I don't understand how to do, shows me in a way a book never could or a diagram what I'm supposed to be doing. When I ever get brave enough to try split rings and chains, I'll most certainly need a video and learned people like you are the ones I would come to for something like that. Soldier on, we love you and your work!! :-)

  3. I like your videos, your nails look so nice!

  4. It's Youtube, ignore them. People do that simply to be jerks. Some fool probably thought they were going to watch a tattooing vid. I do believe you can disable the thumbs up/down feature, too. Don't let them get you down. I personally love your videos.

    As for your butterfly doily, I love that, too. You are so speedy! I can't sit and tat for more than a few minutes at a time, which means projects take forever.

  5. Your doily is so pretty!

    YouTube... hmmm... someone trying to learn how to tattoo and couldn't figure out how to do it with a shuttle? I say ignore them. They obviously don't know talent when they see it!

  6. Your doily is absolutely beautiful!!! :)

  7. Don’t worry - small minds. They are just more noticeable than all the tatters who appreciate your videos and know how much thought and work went into them. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

    Your doily is utterly charming - I don’t know how how you do it. Mine never seem to have the grace and lightness that yours achieve. *sobbing*
    Fox : 0

  8. Your videos are incredibly helpful and well done...anyone who indicates otherwise doesn't know what's what :-). The doily is lovely!

  9. Tus videos y tutoriales son fabulosos e increiblemente útiles. Agradezco tu generosidad al mostrar todo lo que sabes. Tanto este tapete como el de la entrada anterior son preciosos.

  10. Hallo Frivole, interesting new rows on the doily, will it be continued? May be the butterflies shall be outstanding near some simple rows?
    Can't understand thumbs down for your videos. Your videos are great! But I know what you mean, if 100 people say "thats georgous", the one who dislikes it counts sometimes very heavy! But shouldn't effect you! Nobody can understand how much work it is to write a helpful instruction or to make a helpful video, until he has done it himself. Because nobody sees the doing and thinking and rewritung and changing and...Don't worry, have fun!
    Happy Wednesday! Greeting from Gunhild

  11. Thank you so much for your comments - I know I was being silly and over-sensitive about the videos but I just felt better saying it "out loud"!

    Thank you for all your votes of support!

  12. Your videos are great and really helpful, don't worry about it there are some really nasty people in the world just think they might not even understand or know what you were talking about, perhaps never even heard of tatting.

    Your doily is looking lovely, I am sure when you have done a few more rows it will settle down.

    Have a nice day and forget the nasty people


  13. Das Deckchen ist sehr, sehr schön!

    Liebe Grüße Cornelia

  14. Sorry to hear about your "thumbs down". It was probably some 12 year old boy who thought he was going to watch "tattoos" instead of "tatting".
    Also, I think you can disable that function.

  15. I agree with the tatting/tattoo 'connection'. Also, I don't like the idea of the thumbs up and down thing on ANY site, certainly without an explanation. I would definitely turn it off. The internet is wonderful, but unfortunately it attracts goofballs ('nicest' word I can write here). I am in awe of your work and it's a pleasure to watch you tat on your videos, which are so well done.

    And this doily is another example of your exceptional artistry. I just sat and stared at it for awhile (with just a bit of envy!) It looks flawless to me!

  16. Ha. Thumbs down. It's probably because they were hoping for Tattoos and got tatting. Serves 'em right. Tattoo shouldn't have taken over "tatt" and there wouldn't be this confusion.

  17. I have to agree with the others. Bound to be people looking for tattoos , and have you read the average comment on a you tube video?! I would say you're doing brilliantly :) also, you doily looks evenly spaced to me - if you squint at the photo it gives you a good idea of the spacing (eliminates distracting details) and it looks spot on to me.

  18. If someone has given you a "thumbs down" on one of your videos, it's because (a) they were looking for tattooing, not tatting or (b) they want to tat, but haven't invested the time in learing the basics, or (c) are just downright mean people. Your videos are amazing and one of the reasons why I am still tatting...

    1. Thank you very much for that last comment Texas Tatter and for all the other kind words I received after writing this post. I know I need to get "thicker-skinned" and not worry so much about such things.

      Happy tatting!

  19. Wundervoll ist die Decke. Ein sehr schönes Muster. Gratulation.


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