Thursday, 3 April 2014

Unintentional Re-Design!

This is what happens when you're not paying attention.  I found a nice motif on Jennifer Williams' Website and decided to tat it last night.  I have made some of Jennifer's designs before.  She has some lovely ones, including the gorgeous beaded fan I made a while ago.

Anyway,  I was watching TV and got started… then once I'd done the first repeat I thought I was fine and didn't need to look at the pattern again.  I soon realised I'd gone wrong but decided to complete the motif anyway rather than start again.  This is the result.

It was quite a tight fit to get all the little rings in but I managed to make it lay flat for a scan.  I particularly like the centre with the overlapping rings.  This morning, I decided to re-tat it, as per the pattern!

This is what it should have looked like!

Quite different, isn't it?

I actually like the look of both versions.  But the proper, green version, does behave better as there's not so much tension between all the elements.  

Best wishes,

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Thought I was done but...

I wore my new coat for the first time today.  Definitely liked its new purpleness!  Pleased with the sleeves too… but it was still missing something.

At the 6th attempt, I finally got the shape I was after so that it would fit neatly onto the corners of the collar.

Yes, I think it's more complete now.

I even found some spray to re-proof it, which I have now done and it is drying on the washing line outside.

Best wishes,

Monday, 31 March 2014

Old Coat Refurbishment

I have this old Mac.  I've been wearing it for years.  It was purple and I liked my purple mac.  But after all this time, it was all faded and looking sorry for itself.  I thought it was time to bin it and buy a new one.  Then I walked past a display of fabric dyes in a shop and saw a box of purple.  Aha!  Why don't I try to dye my lovely old coat and see if it revives it enough to keep wearing it a bit longer.

The original purple was a bit "bluer" and this one is a bit "plummer" but I was really pleased when it came out of the washing machine all richly coloured again.  I should have taken a photo before because the colour was really washed out and faded.

The sleeve edges were frayed.  So of course, I thought I would hide them with some tatted lace.  Yes, that's the size 10 purple edging I showed you two posts ago.  I thought size 10 would be more hard-wearing for the sleeves.  I still edged them with ribbon first so they wouldn't get worse and then attached the lace on top.

Sad old frayed sleeve edge

Freshly re-hemmed with ribbon

Ta-dah!  New old coat!

And a close-up of the sleeve lace

Best wishes,

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothering Sunday

It is Mothering Sunday here in the UK.

I am so grateful for my wonderful children.

Happy Mothers Day

Best wishes,

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Next Project!

Here is a glimpse of what I'm currently working on.  I don't like working with size 10 thread very much but it's what's needed for this particular project.  I modified a Starlit, cut the nose and added a hook so I could use it with the size 10 thread.  This is one rare occasion where I'm willing to forego my beloved Aeros because you do need to fill the bobbin just too often when working with thicker thread like that and I didn't want to have joins.

I always love purple and green together!

I should be able to show you the finished item very soon.

Best wishes,

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rose & Crown

* * * UPDATE * * *
I'm going with Megan's suggestion (thank you!)
and will call this motif

Rose & Crown

I originally tatted this a while ago when experimenting with interlocking rings.  There was renewed interest in the photo which was in my In Tatters album and some ladies were keen for me to write the pattern.

I decided that although they are doable with a shuttle, interlocking rings are much easier with a needle!  So this motif is for those who are happy to needle as well as shuttle tat.  Of course, for needle tatters, you can do the whole thing on a needle but I'm sooo much quicker with my shuttle that I'm happy to switch back as soon as I've completed the central rings.

Using size 20 and a suitable needle:

R11-2--2-11 (-- denotes a longer picot)
Before making the next ring, pass the tip of your needle through the ring previously made and then make the stitches.

(please note that my rings in the photos are 11-1--1-11
but 11-2--2-11 does work out better, I just forgot when I
did this sample for the photos!)

Repeat until you have four rings.  

The last ring is the trickiest.  When you have pulled the stitches off the needle, do not close the ring straight away.  Pass your needle back through the first ring from front to back.

In this next photo, my needle has gone through to the back of the
first ring, and you can also see the loop that you need to put
your needle through to close the ring.

Here's the important part:
You must put this loop to the back in between the two rings,
THEN pass the needle through the loop to close the last ring.
That way, all your rings will have the same over-under look.

This is a little bit fiddly to do and you must adjust your threads
so they fall in the right place in the centre of your interlocking rings.

Here's the last ring closed.
The thread from your needle is at the back of your work
but you will find that the thread from your ball is still poking
through the front of the last ring.

You can now cut the ball thread,
take it to the back, tie, and hide ends.

You can then attach one shuttle and ball
to the left of the three picots on your ring
and continue with the second part of the motif.
You don't need much thread on your shuttle
as the rest of the design is all made with chains.

C5-5, join to third picot
C3-3, join to first picot of next ring
Repeat all the way around, join back at the beginning.

C9+C1-1-1-1+(in same picot), C9, join between chains below
C3-1--1-3, join between chains below
Repeat all the way around.
Join back at beginning.

You're done!

You may find there is some tension when you complete the design,
I find this is mostly due to using a chain instead of a ring
at the tip of the arms.

It will also be better with the 11-2--2-11 count
which I did not use on this sample!

But just a bit of finger pressing is all that is needed
to bring it into shape.

I hope you like it!

Oh, and can anyone think of a pretty name for it?
Seems a shame to have it "nameless"…
but sadly, inspiration hasn't struck yet...

Best wishes,

Thursday, 20 March 2014

More Wipping

Inspired by my Pomegranate handkerchief, I decided to tackle another WIP.  I can't even remember when I started that one… on a long trip I would think - I like to take edgings with me when I am travelling as they are easy and you don't need to carry a pattern with you.  So you can keep your hands busy without too much thinking.

So this one is my Christmas Tree edging.  I wanted to try it not as Christmas Trees to see what it would look like in other colours.  Here it is.

It is tatted in Lizbeth Azalea Med in size 40.
This colour is incredibly difficult to photograph!
It always comes over too saturated.

But it was a good match for the embroidery on the hanky.

Again, I had completed the tatting a while ago and it just needed attaching to the handkerchief.  This time I decided to do it all in one go!  So that was my project last evening.  It didn't even take that long.

Just noticed one little tree
is folded down on the left-hand side.
It's not missing!

And guess what?… I have yet more WIPs!  Maybe this can be my "spring resolution":  completing WIPs.  But can I keep it up?...

Best wishes,