Thursday, 7 February 2019

Ceramics (and a tiny bit of tatting!)

Still busy enjoying ceramics at the moment.  Throwing is getting a bit better though very inconsistent!

The little cups at the back have tatted snowflakes stamped into them (like the vase from the previous post).  I have now glazed them and they are waiting to be fired again.

First time throwing "off the hump"

The pieces below are waiting to dry
before finishing off the bottoms
so they can then be bisque-fired.

I also attempted a pot with lid.
It turned out looking very "pearish".

So I tried a second time...
to make a pear...
And even shaped the top like a leaf.
This one is waiting to dry enough so that I can cut the lid.
Can't wait to see what it's like inside
and if I've managed to make the walls thinner.

And to finish,
I'm trying to make moulds of lace to use in pottery.
This was one attempt:

It's not going to work for what I wanted...
but I can still press clay into it and get a pretty good imprint.
I'll try it when I'm next there and show you.

See?  Lots of pottery... but still tatting!  :-)

Best wishes,


  1. Wonderful I love mixing mediums its fantastic ❤­čî╣❤

  2. Your pottery looks really good. And a bit of tatting with it is a bonus!

  3. Your pottery is looking good, and with the snowflakes design, you will soon be making them to sell, they will make unique pieces something different from just painted flowers on.
    Well done

  4. Eine wunderbare Keramik und auch it Schneeflocke.
    Es sieht alles sehr gut aus. Viele neue Ideen

  5. Pottery is fascinating, and the fact that you are introducing your tatting to your work makes it even more interesting! Will these be colored pieces? I don't know much about the glazing process, but it's always interesting to see the steps leading up to the final product. There's a potter near my mom, Tom Jones Pottery, that we like to visit when we go to Alabama. He's so friendly and loves sharing information about pottery. My daughters and I each have several of his pieces.

  6. You make it look easy! The pear shaped pot is gorgeous. I'm thinking about taking a throwing class with Cindy Bluebird!

  7. Beautiful pottery! They all look great :).

  8. Thank you for your comments everyone!


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