Sunday, 17 February 2019

A Bit of Beading for a Change...

I had a gift to make for someone's birthday... so I went for a beaded bracelet.  I had not done any beading for a while and I really enjoyed making it.  It didn't take very long to make at all.

In fact I liked it so much that I made another one in different colours...

I used magnet clasps...
but then ended up changing it for a lobster clasp on the second bracelet.
Any of you use magnet clasps?
They are so easy to attach...
but I find they are also easy to just knock as you wear them
and then the bracelet comes undone!
Is it just me or has anyone else had that experience?

Back to the topic of ceramics,
I glazed several of my pieces.
Not all successful.
But it's such a learning curve!

One little pot has now become our butter dish:

I'm continuing to practice with throwing.
Here are the last couple of pieces I made last week.
I was particularly pleased with the round pot:

And I had a special order from my son for a handle-less tea mug
with the specific shape as per below:

I'm happy I'm finally managing to make thinner rims.

Tomorrow, I'll turn and tidy the bases and send them to the kiln... And then try some more!

Best wishes,


  1. Your bracelets are lovely. I’ve lost everything I’ve made with a magnetic clasp, done with those.
    Your glazing is beautiful, I love the white bowl with blue details, elegant! I get to do some glazing this week after school for a project our elementary students are doing as a fundraiser. If i’m even a 1/3 as good as you, I will feel very lucky!

  2. Your ceramics are coming along in leaps and bounds. Love the butter dish. My daughter brought me some magnetic clasps but I haven’t used them yet. I can see that easy-on could also mean easy-off. I really like your bracelets.

  3. Your bracelets are very pretty! I've not had luck with magnetic clasps. Lobster clasps are my favorite, because they're easy for me to grip. Your pottery looks terrific! You must be very pleased to have a special request from your son. I know I love getting requests from my family.

    1. Yes, it's nice to have a goal and something to aim for so yes, like you, I like requests from family.... and it also means they like what I make! :-)

  4. Beautiful bracelets!! :)
    Such beautiful ceramics!!! :)

  5. Attach a short chain to the magnetic clasp, long enough to get your hand through. If the clasp separates, the chain will retain the bracelet on your wrist.

  6. Lovely bracelets, Not tried the magnetic clasps I would worry if it would come undone and I would lose the bracelet.
    Your pottery is coming on in leaps and bounds well done that mug looks brilliant, hope he is pleased with it.

  7. I love magnetic clasps, makes getting bracelets on so much easier, but I will often add an extender chain for safety. I have seen some people who make their own magnetic clasps build in a safety lock thing, look for the higher priced Kumihimo bracelets on Etsy to see what I mean.


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