Saturday, 11 November 2017

Manly Socks?

Finished this pair of tomato red socks for a man in my family.  I hope the nice fine braiding is manly enough?  I wish I could have made the leg just a bit longer but I'd run out of wool and it didn't seem worth buying a whole other skein just for an inch or two on the leg.

I'm still enjoying knitting socks at the moment.
I have another pair on my needles already.

Best wishes,


  1. Oh cables are always manly! I made a cabled pair for my brother a couple of years ago, to wear when he's sailing - cables resemble ropes, right?

  2. Lovely pair of socks, great pattern, looks manly to me, I hope he enjoys wearing his socks.

  3. They sure look manly to me! It's turning cold here, cold enough to tempt me to get out my knitting needles and join you in some sock knitting!

  4. Wunderbare Socken für einen Mann. Das Muster ist sehr männlich. Auch ich habe Socken auf den Nadeln.


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