Saturday, 7 October 2017

Several More Samples Later...

Oh, you can keep fiddling forever!  But I think I'm happy with this most recent version.  I needed to space the centre rings more as there was some tension in the design but then I felt the circle right at the centre ended up too big so I decided to fill it.  Yes, I think I prefer that.  I lengthened the arms by a couple of stitches.  I also found that starting on a ring on a point enabled me to tat the whole thing in one pass without that awkward split ring I had in the previous post.  I added a few extra picots (I may change those a bit again)... to make it look more frosty!  I also added a bit more space between the chains as I thought it made it look a bit "heavy" when the two chains touched.  which lightens up the design.

Here are most of the samples I tatted pinned to my board.  I like to look at them as I work and let them speak to me as to how I should proceed!  :-)  Viewing designs from a distance also gives you a different perspective; it lets you see the overall shape, rather than the detail, and the play of positive versus negative space in the motif which helps me decide what modification to try next.

I hope I can come to a definitive version soon!

Best wishes,


  1. Beautiful! Looks like it could easily have a beaded center too. I will definitely try this one when it is available :)

  2. Seeing all your versions together gives insight to how time consuming the designing process can be! I think this is a pattern I will enjoy when it's available.

  3. Beautiful, you really have worked hard on this design. I think your latest design is brilliant
    Looking forward to the pattern

  4. Beauty!👍🏻👏🏻❤️

  5. So pretty! I love those Josephines at the tips!

  6. It's absolutely stunning!!! :)
    I love all the different versions too!! :)

  7. These make a dazzling display! All of the variations are attractive. It's amazing that the 'final' one can be done in one pass.


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