Thursday, 1 June 2017

Mustard Socks Done

They are done.  A really nice pattern with the open work on the front and tiny cables on each side which are then repeated up the leg after the heel is completed.

It's a pattern by Wendy Johnson from her book "Socks from the Toe Up".

I used my crochet picot cast-off again but making a smaller picot this time.  As you can see, the cast-off edge does "frill" a bit in its unstretched state but when worn, this cast-off has enough elasticity to make it really comfortable to wear and easy to pull the socks on and it lays flat.

Can't get my camera to cooperate on colours!
The shade of yellow in the first photo is much closer to the real colour
but even with trying to adjust afterwards, I couldn't get the second photo
to show the right shade of yellow.
It definitely looks too "limey" in the second photo.
Mustard is should be!

I might as well show you the latest bit of progress on the green doily too while I'm here:

I couldn't make up my mind whether to do all three rounds of each side one after the other or to do the first round of all sides, then the next on all sides....  Which way would you have done it?

Best wishes,


  1. Fabulous socks!! :)
    Awesome doily!!!! :)

  2. Wow this reminds me of the other JS doily that was more of a table cloth took me over a year to do! You can always tell his style and this is beautiful!

  3. Lovely socks,
    The doily is looking lovely I think I might do it your way, working all the way around looks like it's going to be a large doily

  4. Love those mustard socks! Mmm, I'd probably have worked the same way you're doing.

  5. I do love those socks! Your doily is coming along great. I'm not sure which way I'd have done this section. The way you're doing it would help me more quickly identify mistakes in the previous round(s), which has happened to me more times than I care to remember!

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