Monday, 18 May 2015

Le Temps du Lilas...

It's pouring with rain this morning… but I am still cheered up by the sight of our flowering lilac.  Yesterday my daughter cut up a bunch for the house and one for her Grannie.  I can smell their lovely fragrance every time I walk past… wonderful!

I made a bit more progress on my Jan Stawasz piece in the last few days.
I really need to make a decision on its final shape.
It won't be as big as the one in the book, that's for sure.

Funnily enough I just noticed, a coincidence, that one of the shuttles
I'm using has lilac on it…

I've also finished both button bands on my Fair Isle jacket
and am making my way down the first sleeve.

So is it spring rain or spring sun for you today?  And what are you busy working on with your shuttles (or needles, or crochet, or bobbins…) at the moment?

Best wishes,


  1. Cold and windy here, colder than it's been in days, 47F! Your Fair Isle is coming along beautifully! And the JS is a masterpiece! I love the smell of lilacs too, yours are a gorgeous color!

  2. Love the doilies under the flowers, and your JS is working out nicely. You are so talented that sweater is also a work of art too.

  3. Beautiful lilac, but I won't have them in the house. I have some Lilly of the valley at the moment
    Your fair isle is looking brilliant well done
    Your JS mat is looking lovely looking forward to seeing how it works out
    woke up to pouring rain and wind, still windy but at least the sun is shining don't know how long for

  4. I love lilacs!!! :)
    Your tatted piece looks wonderful!!! :)
    Your jacket is looking great!! :)
    It's sunny here, but it's supposed to get rainy tonight.
    I am working on my 2014 Spring Doily and a cross today. :)

  5. It's sunny and warm here today... perfect weather! I'm knitting a shawl and working on my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece. Sadly, there are no lilacs on my bush this year. Dave must have trimmed it too late last year.

  6. It may've been raining outside, but your post is pleasing & cheerful - love the pics you've shared ! So much beauty .
    It is very hot here, outside (middle of summer), but cool inside the house. My tatting is curling around curled rings for the last few weeks ;-P Need to get back to the Wiosna & complete it - not much tatting left for that one, but need to muster up the mood.

    1. Oh yes, I went and had a quick look at what you're up to at the moment - you are definitely a tatting engineer!

  7. Inutile de dire comme j'ai cette photo des lilas avec ces magnifiques napperons!

    1. Ah c'est sûr… avec un nom comme le vôtre! :-))
      Tellement joli les lilas...

  8. Nice to hear about what everyone is doing! Thank you!

  9. I'm in love with your big doilies, I'm not enough patient to do that kind of pieces.


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