Monday, 6 October 2014

Handmade Journal

Of course, I couldn't leave it there.  I had to make a second one.  I like the coptic stitching and open spine but I wasn't completely happy with the execution, with too much movement between the covers and the book… I had to have a go at a complete cover with spine.

I realised I had too many sheets in each of my signatures for the first book so I made more for this book with fewer sheets in each.

Here they are, stacked up, holes punched through,
ready for sewing

About half-way through the sewing process.
I got myself a curved needle which makes it easier
to sew between the signatures

Book block completed.

For some reason though, I forgot to take pictures as I was making the cover!  You have to cut two pieces for front and back covers and then another piece for the spine.  You place those on a backing thickish paper and glue everything in place before covering with your decorative paper.  Then glue the fly sheets of your book block into the cover.

And… TADA!

(oh yes, Jentle with a "J" because it's the name of the ink…
in case any of you thought I can't spell!  :-))

Knowing me, I'll no doubt get the urge to make yet more of these journals - I think one with a cloth spine would be cool to make next…

But I have to many other things to get on with!  And it's Monday morning so I better get to work!

Best wishes,


  1. Superb !!! And you make it look so very easy :-)

  2. It looks like fun to do, and yours has come out so perfect! Perhaps the next one will have a tatted motif on the cover...

  3. You have made it look easy, beautiful cover, I agree with Miranda some tatting on the front or even down the spine.

  4. You do things like that on a monday morning? Waw! It looks fun to do and logic, with a good result. I also love the doily it lies on!

    1. I "posted" on a Monday morning… but I made the book over the weekend :-)
      The blue doily is by Jan Stawasz, the first "big" piece I made in tatting.

  5. It turned out amazing. Very well done.

  6. You can tat exquisite Book Spines for your journals, Nina Libin has a book of patterns.

    1. Oh really? I'll go check it out. But then I suppose many straight edging patterns would work well...

  7. Très joli livre ! ça doit être un plaisir d'écrire dedans. J'aime beaucoup le napperon également et les couleurs sont bien assorties au livre.

  8. Quelle beauté ! J'adore la dernière photo qui est tout en élégance avec le napperon en frivolité.


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