Monday, 20 May 2013

Kissing Minnows

First of all, I want to thank you for all the encouraging and supportive comments on my previous post.  Your kind words always mean a lot to me.

So back to "just tatting" for a bit.  No obsessing about improving things (it's hard but I'm trying!).

I'm sure some of you saw these cute minnows on Two Shuttles's Blog?  Of course, I had to follow the link and go check the pattern out.  Isn't it fun?  I love how the lock chains make it look like little bubbles floating above the fish.

The pattern is by Antonina Caruso (Ninetta).  Worth checking out her Flickr pages, she has lots of interesting stuff on there.  Including this ingenious way of making clunies!  For those who are finding it difficult to handle the loom on the hand, this could be a solution.  The cats and little people edgings are really sweet too.

Don't you just love internet?
I do.

You can see I made a mistake and have one fish facing the wrong way.  But they would look nice facing that way too, "à la queue leu leu" as we say in French.  The Josephine Knot facing down from the chain was causing me problems - does anyone know of a good solution to make it?

On another note, I've been exchanging message with Megan who does many things as well as tatting (see her website for lots of free crochet patterns) and she told me about new information she has just put on her site and which you may find useful:  the amount of thread of different sizes needed to fill a bobbin - you know when you're winding your shuttles ctm and you're wondering how much to pull off the ball to fill the second bobbin?  Megan has worked it out and here's that information.

Best wishes,


  1. Your fishy edging looks awesome!!!! :)
    I never would noticed the fish going the wrong way, it looks like it was supposed to be that way! :)

  2. This is adorable!
    Thanks for the link to Megan's site too!

  3. Śliczny wzór. Pozdrawiam :-)

  4. I put the minnows on my to-do list too, after seeing them on Two Shuttle's blog. I haven't tried the pattern yet, but I do think it's cute! Am going to follow your other link now, thanks.

  5. I also have put the minnows pattern on my to do list, I love the way one of your fish is going the other way makes a delicate change and variation,
    Thank you for the other link, very useful, I will send a copy to my grand daughter when I get it printed, iPad today does not want to save it.
    Keep up the good work,

  6. Stunning pattern and tatting too!

  7. I loved this edges...So cute!

  8. Loved this post. Lots of very interesting links. Thanks.

    Very pretty shuttle!
    Fox : )

  9. On her flickr page, ,Ninetta gives instructions on how to make that eye. Well, it's a graph not worded, and using it made making those eyes so much easier for me. I'm glad you're enjoying the link sometimes I wonder if people actually use the links I post on my blogger. I'm happy to find out they do! I have one strip long enough for the bottom border of my collage done. It's such a fun happy pattern. Love the shuttle it is "So purdy" as my lil' Katalina says.

    1. Hi Imoshen,

      You're the lady of the Two Shuttles blog? I kept thinking I must know who was behind the blog but I couldn't find any info about you on it. Yes, thank you for the links! And even better the link on how to do the eye, I'd missed it. I will try it again tomorrow. I think I ended up doing something similar as I couldn't figure out how else to!

      It is indeed a fun and happy pattern!

  10. Those fish are adorable! Thanks for the link!

  11. I DO love internet, too! you're all so nice tatting friends! thank you, your minnows are lovely! And all your tatting is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Ninetta and I'm glad you came for a visit! Thank you also for sharing your lovely patterns.


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