Monday, 27 February 2012

Mariya's Perfect Clover

Along my travels, I found Mariya's blog and she was showing this new clover she had made.  I thought it looked just perfect.  Shortly after that, she shared her pattern over at In Tatters.  So here it is:

Motif no.11

I took me a few goes to get it right but
I think even the "wrong" ones look pretty and very clover-like!

It's a bit of a tight fit to get the four petals in and I found it needed
a light pressing to get it to lie flat but the unpressed ones look nice too,
gives them more of a 3-D effect.

Next I might have to try her wavy braid...

By the way, I've not given up on the Tischband, just needed a little change so that's what I tatted last night:  the clovers and also another Happy Heart with the centre slightly different.  A Czech lady who is a friend of an In Tatters' member made earrings and a bookmark with my Happy Heart (link to her pictures), and also tatted it with a tiny flower in the centre (along the lines of what I've done with the Heart Within) so I tried it.  Looks nice.  

Actually, looking at her modification, I think it might be a Josephine knot in the middle and not a tiny flower...  and I like the way she's done the inside chain, give the centre a lovely heart shape.  I'll have to give this another try.

Motif no.12

You obviously loose the "smile effect" but it's pretty too.
In case you want to know,
I just replaced the centre 11ds chain with C3, rw, R1-1-1-1, rw, C3.

Best wishes,


  1. I'm so glad that you like my Clover! I was not sure if I did correct instructions but now I see that they are ok :) And your clovers look very pretty!

  2. Das Herzchen und auch die Kleeblätter, sind wunderschöne Motive.

    Liebe Grüße von Cornelia

  3. Great clovers and another great heart!! :)

  4. These clovers are lovely. I like the heart-shaped leaves that make up the whole piece. Oh, I want to try to tat the happy hearts too. They are sweet!

  5. The clovers look great! I've been meaning to give them a try... if only I could find my green thread!

  6. Lovely shamrock, I have the pattern and I must get around to doing it, your lovely heart pattern is going on my blog this week, I mean the heart I made, I am away for a few dys so I will schedule the piece. I love your heart pattern and. I think it will become a firm favourite .


  7. Merci Frivole pour ce modèle de coeur et les super explications...La vidéo de Marilee est excellente pour apprendre et j'ai mis vos liens sur mon blog car je trouve très sympa de votre part de nous faire partager votre savoir..
    Amitiés dentellières

  8. Frivole, haslenka really isn't polish lady, I think she is 100% czech :-D (but she feels honoured that she found link to her gallery here, thanks ;-))

    1. Oh Dear! I'm so sorry Frakira, please apologise to Haslenka, I will correct it straight away!

  9. Great Heart and Clovers. I'm off to find the clover pattern. Thanks for sharing where you found it.

  10. I do like your tatting, you are very skilful... this is the first time I have come across this craft, I was looking for embellishments I can make myself, particular for baby announcement cards, was thinking about crochet but really wanted something more elegant that I can do without having to strain my eyes... maybe this is it?!


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