Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Wrist Warmers with Tatted Decoration

I made this pair of wrist warmers for a friend.  I had made her another pair, in blue, a couple of years ago and recently she told me she wore them a lot and wished she had some in another colour so... I thought cream would go with anything.

When they were completed I wondered about decorating them a bit... maybe just a bit of ribbon?  Mmmm, yes, but then I thought a nice tatted flower would complete the look.  Yes?

One looks bigger than the other but it's just due
to the angle of the photo.  They really are the same size!

Here's a close-up of the lace ribbon decoration with tatted flower.

The wrist-warmers are adapted from a free Drops pattern
from their Garnstudio website.

If you knit and crochet, there are loads of free patterns there.

Best wishes,


  1. Beautiful wrist warmers, love your decoration

  2. That decoration takes the warmers from lovely to gorgeous!

  3. Such a delight! I love that so much!

  4. I love mixing the crocheting with the tatting! they are beautiful!

  5. Thank you very much for your comments! I hope she'll be pleased with them. :-)

  6. Tatted flower adds the perfect finish to pretty wrist warmers!

  7. A huge step up to the already marvelous wrist warmers. Such a fortunate friend.

  8. Sehr schöne Armstulpen. Occhiblume eine sehr schöne zierde

  9. Well, there's nothing to top tatting ;-P Very elegant


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