Monday, 13 January 2014

Colour Inspiration

Don't know what's next tatting wise…  I've enjoyed my crochet break - and still have other ideas in that department - but am at a bit of a temporary loss as to what to tat next.

I do have a couple of WIPs that I need to complete eventually (some hanky borders to sew on and a large doily to finish!) but I need a burst of inspiration!

So I picked up a book off the shelf and decided to just tat something… anything!  It ended up being this motif by Mary Konior called "Carnation".  You're supposed to make two of them and wire them together to make a carnation but I just fancied enjoying the colours of Karey Solomon's "Watermelon" thread so I just made one and left it flat.  I do like the mix of colours very much.  The thread has a lovely sheen (does she use Lizbeth?  I don't know) and I think the colours are even more appealing than it shows in these images.

I even like the negative centre space in this…  Looks a bit like a maple leaf,
don't you think?

So is everyone all fired up after the Christmas break?  Or is anyone suffering from the January blues?

Best wishes,


  1. That is a very beautiful motif!! :) I love the design, and the colors that you used, and I agree about the negative space looking similar to a maple leaf!! :)

  2. I do like that motif, and Karey's color combination is very pretty! I don't have the blues, just sore joints! I guess I overdosed on tatting in November and December.

  3. Beautiful colours in a lovely pattern, nice idea just pick up a book and tat whatever, whatever you had picked would have looked beautiful in that thread. I definitely have the January blues still going to be a few more weeks before I can pick up the shuttles.

  4. No blues just weight to lose. That motif is so pretty. You said Mary Konior, but what's the name of the book. It's not in my Tatting with Visual Patterns.

  5. I don't mind if you do crochet, Frivole. Even if you would do granny squares, the result would be fabulous!

    1. Thank you Tally! :-))
      Grannie squares are back in fashion, you know! I've seen loads of them on crochet blogs.

  6. I really like the colors of this motif, so gentle. I am on a little tatting hiatus too, though I've replaced it with redecorating, shopping and going to the gym! Nothing to show for any of it but that feeling of accomplishment :) I have plenty of WIPs to complete - probably enough to get me to 2015! Yikes.

  7. I think the colours are absolutely beautiful! I have only recently started to tat, so I'm happily plugging away at it for the moment.

  8. I love Karey's HDT and bought some from her when in the USA. Also made a necklace in watermelon which is somewhere on my blog!

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