Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I was kindly awarded this blog award by Margaret some time last week.  
Thank you!

I have been a bit slow in posting about it because in turn, I need to award it to five other blogs.  They need to be blogs that inspire me but also blogs that have fewer than 200 followers.  I am inspired by many wonderful people but they needed to fit the criteria!  And I was just not finding the time to do that.

My friend Michelle of Tela Magistrae was on my list but Umintsuru (who was also given the award - well deserved!) beat me to it in awarding it to her first!  So here is my five choices:

1.  Tatting Fool makes some lovely tatting and I'm particularly fond of that quote at the top of her blog.
2.  Mariya only started blogging in 2012 and I don't know how long she's been tatting for but already she is coming up with her own patterns and kindly sharing them with us.  I enjoyed tatting her Shamrock recently.
3.  Orsi of Spulni-blog shares a lot of other beautiful needlework (tailored sewing and lately spinning) as well as tatting.  She has created many lovely tatting patterns and designs.  I loved her Napoleon motif which I made and posted about here on my blog.
4.  Filorumars is another blog I've been following and she has a lot of creative ideas which I enjoy.
And finally...
5.  John who does beautiful tatting - recently his Christmas stocking was amazing and I'm enjoying seeing his baby bonnet progress.

There you go.  I will now write to them to let them know and hope they wish to accept the award.

I also have to tell you that in January I was awarded a lovely Versatile Blogger award by Civetta but this required me to list things about myself and award it to 15 other blogs (which seems so many!) and I feel terribly guilty but I still haven't done that....  If Civetta is reading this... I hope she forgives me?

Best wishes,

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  1. I am very pleased you accepted your award and you have awarded some great blogs, a couple I have never heard of so I am off to have a look at them.


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